Performance #2


dance crosses urban spaces
artists meet audiences
ideas travel between us

Dear Artists,

Performance #1 on September 11th was a great success! Thank you to everyone who participated and to the many artists/supporters who came to the reception after the performance. We had the great pleasure to collaborate with The OverDraught Pub, who provided us with delicious platters of food. We look forward to visiting them again in the next months!

Here is a 4 min video of the Performance #1, created by videographer Claudia H├ębert. The first of a series of 10 :

We also encourage you to read the latest post on the Intersection Blog, written by Kate Nankervis :

***The BLOG: if you want to post comments, links, or articles on on the Blog, you will need to create an account first. Just follow the steps, it will take a few minutes and you will be able to share anything you want on our Blog for the up coming year! We hope to read your thoughts and ideas on this interactive plate form!

Now, read carefully the following information regarding our next performance...!


Driven by the success of May 1st 2010 Public Performance in Toronto, organized in conjunction with Montreal artist Normand Marcy and Tangente, Laboratoire de Mouvement Contemporain, Priscilla Guy and Kate Nankervis are launching Intersection Project, an initiative that aims to highlight the presence of artists in urban landscapes. Through pedestrian and simple movement vocabulary in city landscapes, the dance is accessible and belongs to anyone who is walking by. Bodies become organic sculptures against urban architectures.

The performances organized by Intersection Project are opportunities for artists and audiences to meet in unexpected and unofficial settings; a reminder performance art also lives outside theatres. Art is essential and it lives everywhere we decide to allow for it. Art reflects the common needs and wants members of society share. Intersection Project is an occasion to re-iterate the spontaneous and engaging nature of art as performance emerges from urban architectures and melt with the city landscapes.

Throughout the upcoming year, Intersection Project will organize 10 monthly performances in the Toronto's downtown area, gathering dancers, actors and performers from diverse backgrounds. In the nature of spontaneity, there is no promotions or marketing for the events. We believe the recurrent aspect of the project will stimulate curiosity and interest for it.

11:45am to 2:30pm

We are looking for performers from any artistic background to participate in this performance!
This performance will occur on Saturday, October 16th. Looking for up to 25 performers. Participants must be available from 11:45am to 2:30pm at least.

**Intersection Project has applied for funding to cover artists fees. However, until the results of grants applications and confirmation with our sponsors, there will be no artist fees. As part of your registration, we will track your HOURS as PERFORMERS for each event and participating artists will be paid retroactively as we get funding results. Artists involved must be ready to participate as they believe in the project and mandate and volunteer their time in the case funding is not successful. It is important for us to pay participating artists, and we assure to you all efforts will be made to provide proper fees as the project continues. Thank you for understanding. **

Schedule of the Day:
11:45am to 12:45pm-check in/rehearsal
1:00pm to 2:00pm-performance
2:00pm to 2:30pm- break/gather for reception
2:30pm to 5:30pm-reception

Performance details including the score, the arrangement, the locations for the performance and the reception will be sent ONLY TO CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS. All locations chosen are in the downtown area (Christie to Yonge / Bloor to Queen's Quays, always accessible by bike, car and TTC)

before October 10th 2010.

Intersection Project provides the art community and the population with a platform to share dialogue and debate the role and contribution of artists in the society at large. The Intersection Blog addresses various issues and invite performers, audiences and the greater population to share their thoughts on this virtual common forum. Prior to all performances, we will post articles/questions to initiate dialogue between performers and other followers of the Blog.

We hope to see you on October 16th!

Priscilla Guy & Kate Nankervis